We’ve launched!

Tiddlertime has now launched as a new web platform called Happity.

Happity makes finding local baby and toddler groups easy by helping you to:

  • See all your local classes plotted on a map
  • Filter for drop-ins, under £2, and much more
  • See the weekly timetable for your favourite venue
  • Find the best times and places for your favourite class

I learnt to code whilst on maternity with my second child and built the site from scratch myself whilst working flexibly around my children. My passion is to help parent-led businesses (i.e. kids class providers!) succeed and create more flexible work around their children as a result. I am building Happity on these principles myself and look forward to creating more opportunities for fabulous people to find flexible work. Check out our jobs page for latest openings and to sign up for updates.

Sara x